Typical Approach

We are often asked how we might help a small foreign company penetrate the US marketplace. While our specific recommendations would of course depend on the particular company's needs and circumstances, a typical approach might be as follows:

The Situation

The XYZ Company, a small high tech foreign company, desires to bring its innovative technology to the US. It has determined that its product could be of interest both to telecommunications companies and to the US government. As home to the highest concentration of telecom and Internet companies on the East Coast and the US Capital, the Washington, DC area is its first target for selling XYZ's product.

The Challenge

Setting up and staffing a US office is an expensive investment, especially for a small or medium size company. Doing it from a distant location adds to the logistical challenge. There is finding the right location and recruiting the right sales person(s). The compensation for an experienced, successful salesperson in any technology field can be quite high by foreign standards. There may be language/communication and business culture differences that have to be overcome. If the technology being sold is complex, then relying on technical sales support from overseas poses time, language and distance difficulties that should be anticipated.


Our Solution

Instead of starting off by hiring a full-time sales staff, with all of the challenges and long-term commitment of cost that this entails, Alena Systems offers a more cost-effective alternative. For less than what it would cost XYZ to hire one experienced, full-time salesperson, an Alena Systems package that includes monthly retainer plus commission provides a solution that utilizes the wide range of our professional skills.

Because of our high-level skills in a full range of technologies, on-site technical sales support is always available, even at meetings with the customer. Because of our extensive network of professional contacts throughout the industry, access to the important decision-makers is facilitated.

Because of our expertise in technology business development, sales and marketing, we are able to quickly determine the most lucrative market segment for XYZ. By conducting introductory direct sales calls, we generate initial revenue and raise XYZ's company profile. This also develops on-going customer leads for XYZ's eventual full-time sales effort.

Later on we will use our understanding of XYZ's product and the targeted market, as well as our knowledge of the local workforce, to recruit and screen the right salespeople, with the company then making the final selection. We also apply this knowledge in the on-site training we provide to XYZ's new sales force.

Bottom Line

And most importantly, with a short-term contract for these services by Alena Systems, the risk to XYZ Company is very low. If it turns out that these initial efforts show that this is not the right time to enter the US market, the financial investment lost is much less than that involved in hiring a single experienced salesperson. On the other hand, if the move is an opportune one, the Alena Systems team will have given XYZ a very fast start in the right direction.