Two solutions:

Alena Systems offers two basic solutions that will enable you to assess the likely benefit of expanding to a larger presence before deciding whether to acquire your own facilities and to hire a full-time sales force.

Solution 1: Direct Sales

On behalf of your company, Alena Systems will qualify sales prospects, identify decision-makers, analyze prospect needs, make cold calls (e-mail, telephone, mail), attend trade shows and conferences, meet customers and make presentations, conduct customer follow-up and pre-sales tech support, prepare proposals, close sales, provide activity reports, and be your local interface with the customer. These activities will help you produce revenue while raising your business profile in the US marketplace. In this way, you will have the benefit of a local sales office in the US, with a basic level of sales activity for your product or service, at minimal cost and commitment.

The resources that Alena Systems will apply in conducting this activity are:

  • An experienced high-tech sales team that is well-connected, both in Washington, DC and in New York,
  • A pre-sales technical advisor with in-depth knowledge of telecom and information technologies,
  • Complete local logistics (office, telephone, computers, etc.)

Pricing for Solution 1 includes a monthly retainer, plus commission based on volume of sales.


Solution 2: Channel Sales

Alena Systems will look for distributors/resellers for your product or service. This service will give you the benefit of the network of contacts we have established in WDC and NY as we help you select distribution partners. We will help you through the negotiation processes in order to ensure a beneficial result. We will be your US sales channel, serving as your interface with your US distributors.

Resources that will be applied on your behalf in conducting this activity are similar to those described above in Solution 1.

Pricing for Solution 2 includes a monthly retainer, plus commission based on sales generated by the distributors/resellers (at a rate lower than that required by Solution 1). If you select a package that includes both Solutions 1 and 2, there will be a reduction in the combined monthly retainer.