Business Development

Alena Systems offers a wide range of services aimed at enabling you to quickly succeed in your targeted market. Whether you want to sell to other companies in the US, reach new opportunities overseas, sell to the government, or even enter the US market for the first time, we can develop the right set of services that meets both your needs and your budget.


Alena Systems is able to offer non-US companies a set of services aimed at enabling you to quickly enter and succeed in the US marketplace. Our in-country location, many years of experience in the US technology industries, extensive network of professional contacts, and both bi-lingual and bi-cultural fluency will be key factors in ensuring your success.


The services we can provide our clients include:

Market Research

  • Analyzing of competitive technologies, products or services
  • Identifying and analyzing competitors
  • Conducting industry sector analysis

Strategic Business Development

  • Developing an effective business plan
  • Customizing your product/service to the foreign market
  • Locating agents and distributors

Sales Support

  • Qualifying prospective customers
  • Arranging meetings
  • Strategic account planning
  • On-site technical support
  • Developing responses to RFPs
  • Introductory direct sales

Opening Local Office

  • Recruiting and screening of staff
  • Facilities acquisition
  • Office set-up
  • Product training of sales and sales support staff
  • Administrative and legal paperwork