Alena Systems provides business development and sales consulting services to a wide range of Internet and telecommunications companies. The following are examples of clients:

An international Internet Service Provider with offices and services in 12 countries around the world needed assistance in developing a global Wi-Fi product offering to enhance its existing portfolio of services, as well as assistance in rolling-out the new offering. Alena Systems helped develop an innovative Wi-Fi solution that meets the client's needs, identified target markets and specific sales opportunities with high potential interest in the offering, and provided on-going assistance to the client's sales and marketing people in the 12 countries.

A U.S.-based satellite services provider wanted expert assistance in determining the potential market for its services in selected areas of the world and in identifying specific sales opportunities. Alena Systems consultants identified potential customers for satellite Internet services in those countries, contacted each prospect and assessed their level of interest, provided on-going feedback and pricing strategy to the client, and developed a final list of highest pay-off opportunities.

A competitive regional and local access provider located on the East Coast wants to develop stronger sales relationships with the major international telcos that have operations in the U.S., including providing local access to the premises of the client's customers. Alena Systems was retained to take advantage of its consultants' extensive network of contacts in the international telecoms industry, and is now engaged in business development and sales activities on behalf of the client. Alena Systems is also developing a strategy to help the client penetrate the Government market, through the special reseller advantages of our status as a Woman-Owned Small Business.

A European software company desires to expand its operations to the United States. Alena Systems has been retained to help the company position its products and services in the US market by providing assistance in defining the US marketing strategy for pricing, distribution, promotion, advertising, and market segmentation. Alena Systems also has primary responsibility for identifying and qualifying initial customers and closing business.


If you are an Internet or telecommunications company looking for opportunities to grow your business, let the Alena Systems team put to work for you its unique combination of -

  • Business development experience
  • Technical knowledge
  • Wide network of industry contacts
  • International and domestic capabilities
  • Multi-lingual fluency
  • Outstanding reputation