Services for non-US companies

For non-US companies, Alena Systems can help you enter the US marketplace quickly and effectively. Our in-country location, many years of experience in the US technology industries, extensive network of contacts, and both bi-lingual and bi-cultural fluency will be key factors in ensuring your success. We offer a full range of services that you can select from, depending on your needs.


Typical Approach

We are often asked how we might help a small non-US technology company penetrate the US market. Our specific recommendations would of course depend on the particular company's needs and circumstances. To suggest an example, however, we have outlined a typically approach that Alena Systems might use in developing and launching a preliminary effort on behalf a client to test the US market.



Acquiring the necessary offices and facilities and hiring a full-time sales force is a significant, long-term commitment of resources. Before launching a major US sales effort, you may first want to test the market. Alena Systems offers three basic solutions for implementing this strategy. Selecting the one that best meets your requirements will enable you to assess the likely costs and benefits of expanding to a larger presence in the US, before you make a final decision. The specific set of services that will be provided under each solution may be modified to meet your needs.