Web collaboration

Desktop Sharing & Collaboration

Share your computer screen in real-time so that everyone sees what you see - regardless of the application, software or operating system you are using. With this powerful YugmaTM feature, you can accomplish any task you can in a traditional meeting.
As the host of your Yugma session, you can make any attendee the Presenter at any time. That way, meetings can flow organically between multiple parties, and you can accomplish more in a single session.
You can also share mouse and keyboard controls at anytime with other session attendees, allowing you to collaborate in "real-time" on virtually any application or software. With this powerful Yugma feature, sales professionals can review proposal changes with clients; technical support representatives can more effectively assist remote customers; project leaders can have more effective weekly reviews; lawyers can review and revise contracts with clients; and you can collaborate with your online communities on topics of interest.

Skype Integration

The Yugma Skype Edition is a Skype Extra that builds upon Skype's offering by adding real time collaboration and desktop sharing functionality. Yugma has integrated the new functionality in a way that makes it extremely easy for existing Skype users. Once Yugma Skype Edition in installed, simply invite a friend or colleague from your existing Skype contact list, Yugma opens automatically, and sharing begins.

Free Teleconferencing

When you are meeting with larger groups, our teleconferencing service is a convenient way to facilitate voice communication. The service is easy to access and free of any additional charges (you only pay your standard long distance rates). The service has many helpful and advanced features. Furthermore, our service can be used with any VoIP service providers (Skype, Google Talk, Vonage, DigitalPhone, Cable VoIP, etc.).

Presentation Tools

Embeded in our service is an easy and powerful whiteboard feature that allows you to instantly and interactively brainstorm during a Yugma session. Yugma also has annotation tools allow you to draw lines, shapes, and freehand in order to highlight what you are presenting to others. You can save your whiteboard diagrams and annotations in standard JPEG format for later use.

Shared File Space

We've all emailed important documents that have gotten trapped in spam or virus filters, or returned undelivered due to size limits. With Yugma's Shared File Space feature you can avoid all that. Yugma gives you up to 100 MB of web storage space to post files so that you can easily share project or team documents that can be downloaded by clients or colleagues at any time.

Session Recording, Playback, and Webcast

Premium Session Hosts and Attendees can record Yugma sessions using the Record and Playback feature. Save the file directly to your computer for later playback in Yugma's cross-platform viewer or upload to the Yugma website. You can upload up to 200MB of recorded sessions to the Yugma website. Use the Recording Manager tool to get the URLs for your recordings, share your recording via email with others, or delete recordings when no longer needed.